3 Positive Life Lessons we can Learn From Donald Trump

3 life lessons we can learn from Trump

Regardless of what you think about him there are three life lessons  we can learn from Donald J Trump – and they have nothing to do with politics. We can all use them in our lives.

Millions of people are still shaking their heads because Trump got into office. How did it happen? Were the votes tampered with? Was it because he was so extreme and Americans hoped a drastic change would make their lives better? Long before the election Michael Moore predicted Trump would win even though he didn’t want him to.  At a London press conference Moore told reporters:

Trump has an “excellent chance” in taking a seat in the Oval Office. He knows how to manipulate a dumbed-down population.

This is one opinion on how it came to be that he became president. I believe it was a number of things that got him into office, including his mindset.

3 Positive Life Lessons we can Learn From Trump

1.Trump Believed he Could Win

Trump believed he could become president – and he did. He never wavered on his belief that he’d win. Even when he faced insurmountable odds and people wanted him to quit after the video leaked, and the riots,etc. He refused to leave the race.

The Takeaway: Believe you can accomplish whatever you set out to do. No matter what happens believe in yourself because the second you think you can’t – you can’t.

2. Trump Ignored Mockers

There are running jokes about Trump and hundreds of parodies in his honor. But yet he’s the president of the United States. He didn’t allow people making fun of him to deter him from his goal. He continually kept his eye on the prize so to speak.

The Takeaway: If you have a dream or vision of what you want to accomplish whether it’s a personal, related to your career or an entrepreneurial move, ignore the voices that say you can’t – including the ones in your head.

3.  Trump Believed He was Destined for Great Things

Trump believed he was destined for great things. He didn’t back down from challenging tasks. He plowed through adversity to get what he felt he deserved. Running a country is one of the most powerful positions in the world – he set the bar pretty high.

The Takeaway: I think you’re destined for great things too, and so is Alberta. Strive to set the bar as high as you can.

I know there’s something in your life you want to change. So what is it? Do you know what it is or do you just know something isn’t right? I have a vision – I want to unite Albertans for Canada’s 150th birthday and I’m using the life lessons above to do it.  Find out how by clicking here to read about it on My Go Fund Me campaign.

BTW: I’m not a supporter – Trump wants to build a wall – I want to build a chain of United Albertans

You’ll notice on my Go Fund me campaign that I don’t have any donors. Bringing my vision to light is going to be an uphill battle  because people are stuck in a state of misery and they don’t agree that they can change their future. It will be a struggle for me to get them onboard, but I accept this challenge and I’m ready to bring on my war against misery.



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