About ME

Koralee is an explorer who loves the challenge of the unknown – nothing significant happens in the comfort zone.

Koralee was born in Calgary and raised in Alberta and British Columbia.  As an adult she continued  moving between the provinces but considers herself an Albertan.  An empty nester and converted minimalist she’s always on the lookout for new experiences.

For 12 years she worked as a legal assistant and paralegal, but moonlighted in the healthcare industry. She must have been a chameleon in  another life because it was natural for her to work alongside lawyers during the day; and in the evening with  the homeless and mentally ill living in the inner city.

On her travels through life she loves watching people – how they behave and understanding why they act the way they do.

Since 2013 she’s been writing about what she observes. She writes to make sense of human nature and how to overcome opposition. She loves rooting for the underdog, and simplifying life’s problems.

My Personal Message to you

Hi, my name is Koralee and I’m a writer. I’ve dabbled in various types of writing. But my passion for the last four years is journaling about my experiences, observations, thoughts and feelings. I’ve concluded that most of our negative, self-sabotaging, self-medicating behavior stems from unresolved grief.

Grief has a nasty way of paralyzing us to the point where we lose feeling. Simplifying yourself thoughtfully is a way to get clarity back to uncover wonderful, beautiful and amazing things that are all around you.

Potential Titles

I’m compiling my notes into a book tentatively called Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully – a book to overcome grief and start feeling again. Or Freedom from Grief for Sale…Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully; Grief Doesn’t Have to Kill you – Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully

I’m not sure of the title, but I know the contents of my book are going to improve the lives of thousands (if not millions) of people; and I’m so excited!

At the end of 2012 I gave away most of my earthly belongings and headed off with my laptop for the soul searching adventure of my life.

Stage One: Grief – Me Back in the Day

In 2011 I made over $100,000. I lived in a nice house, drove a Volkswagen I was buying from my friend. I had tons of clothes (many unworn), and boxes of stuff -some I hadn’t opened for years.

For years I was selfish, angry, prideful and thought others were useless to me – if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself kind of thing. I was closed off.

I was running in circles. I didn’t dedicate time to things I loved doing; such as writing and reading. I used to drink in the evening to sleep, but mostly to self medicate. If I had a buzz I didn’t have to think about life. I just had to keep going through the motions and in the evening I could shut my mind off.

Eventually I worked myself into exhaustion and took medical leave from home care. I didn’t want to do anything, or be around people. I was also dealing with other types of grief, such as social loss which I talk about in my book.

Grief from Lost Loved Ones

The first time I dealt with death was when I was 5 and my father died at home in his sleep of a heart attack. The last time I grieved was when my step father died in his sleep in 2015.

Before that my Uncle (whom I was close to) died suddenly 3 days before we were going on a camping trip. Thirteen months before his passing, my grandson passed away suddenly when he was 15-months old – two day before him and his mother were coming to visit me.

In between their deaths we buried my 6-week old niece, my mother, and my eldest sister. But, the most traumatic death I dealt with was when my sister’s boyfriend shot himself in our yard when I was 9 (almost 10). He died later in hospital from his injuries.

Each death prior to my Uncle’s passing piled on more emotional baggage until I was dead inside. I allowed grief to ruin my life and I lost many years that I’ll never get back.

Stage Two – The Turning Point and Journey 2012

Turning points are horrific, but necessary. Something has to propel us to make necessary life changes. I couldn’t continue living the way I was.

On October 21, 2012 my grandson passed away at 15-months old. A month after he passed I gave up my apartment. I couldn’t stand pacing anymore, looking at his pictures and wondering why he had to die. I didn’t sleep, I felt lost, but didn’t want to get sucked into a black hole I’d lived in before – I had to get away.

I left or gave way most of my possessions, and set off to live with relatives I wanted to get to know. To do this I had to give up control, take a vow of poverty, and get out of my comfort zone.

Nothing happens in the comfort zone – we don’t make necessary changes when we’re comfortable… Koralee Phillips

This is when my soul searching journey began. I traveled to Olds, Germany, Sherwood Park, Edmonton, Vernon, Enderby B.C. and back to Edmonton.

Stage Three – Today

How I feel and think has taken a 90 degree turn since the first stage of my life. I’m freer and happy than ever.
I’ve overcome grief and can deal with it easily. I’ve chosen a minimalist lifestyle and love it. I’ve gotten rid of my emotional baggage, and can’t wait to move on to Stage four.

What I want is crystal clear (finally). I want to finish and publish this book. But to finish it I need to set off on one more adventure.

Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully

What amazes me most about what I’ve learned on my quest to Simplify Myself Thoughtfully is that the fear of living is gone. I can feel again!

Part of my mission is to live my legacy – I don’t expect to live a long life and I’m ultra excited that I made it to my 50th birthday. I don’t want to leave something when I’m gone, I want to do it NOW. I want to wake up every day and focus on worthy causes, and that’s helping you!

At the end of the year I plan to set off on a journey to build houses in underdeveloped parts of the world.

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