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Koralee is an explorer of thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions who loves the challenge of the unknown – nothing significant happens in the comfort zone.

Koralee was born in Calgary and raised in Alberta and British Columbia Canada.  As an adult she continued  moving between the two Canadian provinces but considers herself an Albertan.  An empty nester, converted minimalist, and introvert she’s always on the lookout for new ideas to explore.

For 12 years she worked as a legal assistant and paralegal, but moonlighted in the healthcare industry. She must have been a chameleon in  another life because it was natural for her to work alongside lawyers during the day; and in the evening with  the homeless and mentally ill living in the inner city.

On her travels through life she loves watching people, crime shows, and documentaries. She’s fascinated with human behaviour, how they go through struggles, and what makes them tick; and what stops them from ticking.

She realizes how important the mind is to overcoming monsters – real, imagined and the biggest one – the villain within. The world and our psyches are unstable – we’re all a glorious mess. The trick is to fight to keep control of the mind.  She loves rooting for the underdog, and her heroes in life aren’t the ones with money, success, or A-list celebrities. Although they can be heroes too (Liam Neeson and Axl Rose), but the ones who overcome the odds, and beat the devil within – the voice inside that says life can’t change.

Psychological Thrillers with a Dash of Paranormal and Romance

I love this genre and this is why I choose to write in it. The scariest part of life isn’t outside forces, it’s the mental dangers we create and evil we let into our mind.  Evil hides in the most unlikely places but goes unnoticed because we often don’t have the desire to  fight for what we want and become who we’re meant to be.

There’s more to evil than ghost, goblins, demons and serial killers. EVIL is anything that destroys what we could be.

One of my favorite authors is Dean Koontz because I love how he always a beautiful, inspirational message with his Thrillers.

If you’re a thriller writer I’d love to connect with you. Contact me here http://koraleephillips.com/contact/, or . Tweet me 

My  mission is to live my legacy – I don’t expect to live a long life and I’m ultra excited that I made it to my 50th birthday. I don’t want to leave something when I’m gone, I want to do it NOW. I want to wake up every day and focus on worthy causes, writing and travel.

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