Life-Comes-With-Two Gifts

Life Sucks But it Comes With Two Gifts:Use Them Wisely

Life sucks, but thankfully it comes with two gifts. In this life our bodies are subject to pain, difficulties, and death. Emotionally we go through multiple stresses and continual adversity. It often feels like some force is working against us (usually God is to blame). But, what if it’s not, and we’re just reading the Read More

3 Life Lessons

3 Positive Life Lessons we can Learn From Donald Trump

Regardless of what you think about him there are three life lessons  we can learn from Donald J Trump – and they have nothing to do with politics. We can all use them in our lives. Millions of people are still shaking their heads because Trump got into office. How did it happen? Were the votes tampered with? Read More


Change the World – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

At a church meeting I attended this summer the topic was “You can change the world.” The first reaction of a number of ladies was disbelief, and disgust. “I can’t do that, it’s impossible,” “That sounds hokey!” “That’s ridiculous!” were a few of the comments. But, these words resonated with me differently. It brought memories Read More

Go fund me logo

How Go Fund Me can Make you a Hero What is it and How Does it Work?

Go Fund me is a way for people with extra money to help others who need money. Before you say they can just get a job and make their own money like you do, Some people can’t. For example if someone breaks their neck and doesn’t qualify for government funding. They could use a little Read More


Stress Self Discovery Exercise Pt 4 Control Bad Habits

Control bad habits – be free: If you think drinking alcohol, smoking, and guzzling caffeinated drinks all day are good ways to deal with stress, you’re kidding yourself – I know I was. They create more stress as well as health problems. Without good health habits stress can destroy you. Since I gave up alcohol, Read More