It Gets Better, When you Know how Amazing you are!”

Self-improvement using personal development strategies to get through any situation. Get strength and encouragement from yourself.

Are you going through a situation you fear will never end, or you won’t have the strength to get through it? Are you starting to think there’s no point trying to fix it? Do you feel like you’re not important, and no one cares about you?

UPDATE: I’ve put this book on hold because I have some very important research to do – an angle I didn’t even consider has recently come to light. I’ll be heading to Edmonton for more research…I’ll keep you updated on my blog in the news category.

I am Writing This Self Development Book for…

Koralee Phillips book It Gets BetterI’ve been working on my Book for about 19-months. The audience I’ve pictured while writing are amazing people who don’t know it; and they’re struggling through life experiences with self destructing behavior.

My personal development book “It Get’s Better, When You Know How Amazing You Are” is for you if any of the following life experiences apply to you:

  • Desire to escape from a seemingly impossible situation
  • Crave relief from destructive thoughts or feelings.
  • Endure feelings of rejection, hurt, inferiority, or loss.
  • Concern about disappointing family or friends.
  • Feel unwanted, unloved, victimized, or like a burden.
  • Bullied, or cyber bullied
  • Fear that no one would notice your absence if you disappeared
  • Stress that’s overpowering
  • Cut off from society
  • Suffer from low self-esteem
  • Heartache caused by a breakup or a big fight with a parent/spouse/friend
  • Confused about where you fit

In “It Gets Better, When you Know how Amazing you are!” Author and motivational blogger Koralee Phillips shows you how to see yourself differently; and how to get through negative life experiences with her survival philosophy using HAD – hope, amazing, dynamic.

Hope:  never leaves you – you forget it’s there. When you forget about hope, you feel life you have lost the battle. Your brain tells you there’s no way out, and you have no control over anything in your life. When you remember there’s always hope it encourages you, builds your confidence, and stimulates your mind to find a way out. Koralee show you how to always cling to hope.

You are amazing: The extent of your worth and value is unimaginable. You probably don’t have the slightest idea how important you are. Koralee shows you how valuable you are.

Dynamic:  Life is exciting and you can change the future. It’s not the end, it’s the beginning. Koralee shows you how to change your mindset as you work through your problem.

Koralee Phillips authorFreelance writer and author in training , Koralee Phillips went through everything on the list, more than once. She used a variety of unsuccessful ways to get through them ranging from alcoholism, working constantly to doing absolutely nothing.

It wasn’t until a tragic loss in 2012 when she started working on a permanent solution. Through years of soul searching, research, and continual personal development, Koralee found out how to get through negative life experiences. Without self-destructive behavior.

If you want the strength to get through it and be happy on your journey, this personal development book is for you.



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