How to Profile Your Bully Boss Book and Thrive When the Joke’s on Them

How my Book (Bully Boss) Came to be

I’m not sure if the title of my book will stay the same because I keep changing it. I didn’t bother creating a tentative book cover because I’m technically retarded and I would spend hours on it, and I need to get writing. I do know what’s going to be in the book – practical ways to overcome a bully a boss with a technique I call profiling.

Going with the theme of my blog  Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully – profiling your abusive boss is a way to simplify the problem to fix it and thrive.

Due to the traffic my article 3 Signs of an Abusive Boss  gets, along with the heart wrenching comments, abusive bosses in the workplace are a big problem for many people. It’s also clear from the answers to the poll that people aren’t sure how an abusive boss behaves, which is a problem of it’s own.

I’ve worked with abusive bosses – I worked with lawyers for 12 years…Joking. Many of the lawyers I worked with were amazing, while others weren’t. But I’ve also worked at other jobs and worked for a bully boss. I’ve worked with Queen Bees, male bosses younger than me, and much older.

I work from home and trust me even working at home I’ve come across my fair share of abusive bosses. Even though technically  they’re not my bosses, some clients think they’re the boss and can be abusive (it’s in their nature). You don’t have to meet someone in person to be abused. Bullies are everywhere and are professional at using  whatever tools they have available, even if it’s only emails.

Have you ever asked yourself “How can I survive and thrive working under an abusive boss?” If so, the quick answer could be to love your bullying boss. But if that’s pushing it, understanding your abusive and bullying boss by profiling them is a way to thrive and put the joke on them.

This book is a how to guide to profile your boss.  Wherein I will give you strategies to profile your abusive boss.

How to Profile Your Bully Boss or Co-Workers

My use of the word ‘profiling’ isn’t how they profile on Criminal Minds. Unlike the TV show you already know who your un-sub is. Thus your profiling mission is to figure out why they act like they do so you can thrive regardless of how they behave.

Why should you profile your abusive boss? Chances are slim to none that you’ll change them, and you don’t need to. You can change how you see them and how they affect you.  You can flip the situation and thrive working under your abusive boss.

Profiling them will help you understand why they bully subordinates, and you may possibly find yourself feeling compassion for him or her – which always makes a bad situations easier.

You’ll see that they’re just people. I know they seem like monsters who can destroy your life, but they can’t. You have to know that anyone who’s the opposite of happy, kind, and supportive is unhappy and when they take it to bullying extremes they’re miserable, and live in their own hell. Don’t let them take into their world.

I’ll be updating my book’s progress as I go along. Go ahead and contact me or follow me on Twitter. Bulling Boss


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