Building Self Confidence Using a Self Discovery Exercise

Building self confidence

Building self confidence begins with getting to know yourself better. You can do this through self discovery techniques to find out how amazing you are.

Building Self Confidence

No one else can build your self confidence – you are the only one with the power. You were born with confidence but you can’t feel it now because it’s buried.

If you don’t know you’re amazing, you’re not looking at yourself with the right mindset.

You’re judging yourself on one person’s opinion; and that’s not fair – am I right? Or maybe numerous negative opinions (key word negative) … still not fair.

This negativity isn’t true but for some reason you’ve let them convince you; and now you’re suffering.

What’s going on is they are Arselings. (if you signed up and received my list of 10 Reasons Why You’re Amazing, you now what I mean by that).

There’s nothing you can do if that’s the case – it’s their problem.

Perhaps you’re depressed because of a tough situation you’re going through. If this is the case, your circumstance may not resolve itself right away. But, you need to get yourself through it, and gain inner strength.

You will use encouragement to get you through negative experiences. Encouragement is a marvelous means of presenting you with a boost…


Do you really think encouragement has to come from an outside source?

No, definitely not. You can do it yourself. If you can get encouragement from others that’s great. Just don’t count on it.

Remember, YOU ARE building self confidence so you have to do from within yourself. Your mom, friend or spouse can’t do it for you – it’s impossible.

I think you ought to always have enough favorable belief in yourself to carry you through. Belief is empowering.

“You showed us we can change things by just believing them to be different.” Neverland

Steps to Building Self Confidence?

There are several ways to build self confidence. I will show you how to use a self exploration exercise to recognize one talent you can build on.

Consider your talent as the first block to building your self confidence.

You have talents – everyone does, so that includes you! Make a list of your talents and choose one.

And don’t tell me you have none… think harder, 🙂

Once you’ve chosen your best talent go to the next step. Your talent doesn’t need to be spectacular, just one in which you excel.

Now, I want you to answer the following questions:

  • What is your talent?
  • When did you first discover you had it – or how did you gain it (education, got it from your mom, etc.)
  • How have you developed your talent since then?
  • Is there a way to strengthen it more? If so, how?
  • Is it possible to use it now? If not now, how about tomorrow?
  • Can you use your talent to help someone else?
  • When you use your talent to make someone’s life better, how do expect they’ll react?

There are two ways the above steps will help you build your self confidence. The first is you will acknowledge to yourself you are amazing at something, which will give you a boost.

Second, you’re going to think deeply about your talent; and this will release positive emotions. This exercise will also take your mind off the other crap you’re going through right now.

As you can tell from the title of my book It Gets Better When, you Know how Amazing you are I know that being aware of your self worth is key to getting through bad situations.

I hope this exercise in building your self confidence helps. Please let us know in the comments how it went; and what you learned. Or you can send me message by clicking here.


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