3 Life Lessons

3 Positive Life Lessons we can Learn From Donald Trump

Regardless of what you think about him there are three life lessons  we can learn from Donald J Trump – and they have nothing to do with politics. We can all use them in our lives. Millions of people are still shaking their heads because Trump got into office. How did it happen? Were the votes tampered with? Read More


Stress Self Discovery Exercise Pt 4 Control Bad Habits

Control bad habits – be free: If you think drinking alcohol, smoking, and guzzling caffeinated drinks all day are good ways to deal with stress, you’re kidding yourself – I know I was. They create more stress as well as health problems. Without good health habits stress can destroy you. Since I gave up alcohol, Read More


Self Discovery Exercise Improving how you Feel

Welcome to part 3 of the Kill Stress With Self Discovery Exercises. In the first self discovery exercise we zeroed in on your stresses and set three self improvement goals. In the second part of the series we created two time lines and set more goals. Part 3 is a little different because we’re focusing on Read More


Kill Stress With Self Discovery Exercise Series Part II

Welcome to part two in the series Kill Stress With This Self Discovery Exercise. Each article has a different exercise and they build on each other. But you don’t have to do them all, you might only need to do a few or just read them. In step one we set some goals, now we’re Read More

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Kill Stress With This Self Discovery Exercise Series

A Self Discovery exercise to help you gain confidence and build on your self image so you can see you’re amazing and can get through anything. This is part one of four. Somewhere on the journey through your life you realized things aren’t going like you thought they would. You might suffer from money problems, Read More