How Go Fund Me can Make you a Hero What is it and How Does it Work?

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Go Fund me is a way for people with extra money to help others who need money. Before you say they can just get a job and make their own money like you do, Some people can’t.

For example if someone breaks their neck and doesn’t qualify for government funding. They could use a little help, right? Or what about a sole income earner who supports their family gets into a bad car accident. Insurance takes a while, and so do law suits. But,  their family could use help while they’re waiting for these income sources to kick in right?

Go Fund Me is a viral crowd-sourcing website. This means it’s a way to raise money via individual donors. Think of it as corporate sponsorship, with a twist. It allows everyday generous people like you reach out and help others in need. Isn’t it amazing that you can harness this power?

The best part is that donors don’t have to give a lot of money – they can donate 10 bucks. With all the crap going on in the world, isn’t it nice to have a positive release? Did you know that donors get just as much, if not more peace of mind when they help someone else who desperately needs it?

Campaigns are most successful when they go viral, because it gets the word of their situation out to more people; and as you already know people helping people is what makes the world go round. Without it we’re nothing as a society.

“People catching the giving spirit and being inspired to start campaigns to help other people all around the world.”

Other Crowdsourcing Websites

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter. This is a popular crowdsourcing website for start up businesses.

Many tech companies get their business (kick started) so they can launch their business; because launching a business can cost a lot of money.

For example, smartwatch maker Pebble broke records on the Kickstarter website. The companies Pebble Time watch currently holds the record  for most money raised, and the most money raised the quickest.

They launched their Kickstarter campaign asking for $500,000, and it raised $20,338,986; making $1 million in the first hour. Pretty impressive right? Personally, I find that sum to be a little ridiculous – who needs that much money, even if they’re selling the next best smartwatch; but I’m sure Pebble donates to worthy causes and pays it forward.

Speaking of paying it forward what if you could donate to someone’s cause knowing they would pay it forward and continue doing a lot of good in the world. This is why our cause is so important to us, and I’ll talk about it closer to the end of the article.

Okay, now back to Go Fund Me – it’s a crowdsourcing website for many causes ranging from emergencies to business startups. It offers a social fundraising platform and has helped raise more than 3 Billion dollars – for a variety of causes – some worthy, and some not so worthy. Different causes resonate with different people.

Go Fund Me is Safe

How it works is the Go Fund Me website is the platform to launch campaigns, and connect causes and donors –  it works because of simple acts of generosity and compassion.

The company that holds the donations until they’re withdrawn from the campaign into the bank account of the person the money is being raised for is called We Pay – The Go Fund Me website doesn’t control the money as a safety measure.

The people and causes are real – scams are noted quickly because it’s a social fundraising platform. So anyone who knows a cause isn’t real can go to social media to reveal the scam.

After kicking off  a Go Fund Me campaign the first step is to get the word out to friends and family of  both the campaign recipient and organizer(s). This is because it’s not common for people to seek out random strangers to help financially – obviously its uncomfortable to give your hard earned money to someone you don’t know.

This is why I’m bringing our cause to you. Once you know about Tracy Cook, you’ll want to help him.

Meet Tracy Cook – The King of Paying it Forward

Tracy Cook has offered hundreds of hours of his time and energy to helping others. From shaping young characters with Scouts Canada to people in the inner city of Edmonton battling addictions, to emotionally supporting and offering advice to other paraplegics as they leave they Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital to go back home to their new lives.

Meet Tracy, and read his story. While you’re reading put yourself in Tracy’s situation and Visualize this happening to you; just like Matthew Mcconaughey’s character did in his closing argument in the movie A Time to Kill.

From  Homeless to Thriving Help Tracy Keep his Home so He can Keep Paying it Forward

Tracy Cook

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