Kill Stress With This Self Discovery Exercise Series

Stress self discovery exercise

A Self Discovery exercise to help you gain confidence and build on your self image so you can see you’re amazing and can get through anything. This is part one of four.

Somewhere on the journey through your life you realized things aren’t going like you thought they would. You might suffer from money problems, realize your relationship is in turmoil, feel like an outcast or have overpowering tension at home, school or work.

It’s so bad that if you don’t do something,  the stress might overpower you.

Some problems are easy to solve. If you have money troubles you can slow down on your spending, or budget yourself. But some stress comes from the inside. It’s a type of anxiety you can’t get rid of because you feel like everything wrong is your fault.

Your life isn’t the way you want it, your relationships aren’t as genuine as you thought they’d be so you internalize the stress and blame yourself. It seems as though each day that passes life keeps getting worse.

But do you know you’re amazing and have the power to take charge of the situation; or at least how feel about yourself and what’s going on. When you take time to make yourself better, your stresses now won’t seem as bad later.

You don’t need to go for expensive therapy, or do something drastic such as climb a mountain. You just need to work on some self esteem building exercises – to build yourself up – and then take whatever action you need.

Building Yourself up to Be Your Best Self – A Self Discovery Exercise

You can take a few hours and do some intense self discovery – you’re going to need a piece of paper and 2 different colored pens, or a pen and a highlighter to complete this step.

Read through the steps before you begin.

Step One: Daydream and Record Your Thoughts

Take a piece of paper and fold it in half vertically down the center.
On the right side describe the person you want to be. Don’t analyze you’re writing just write what comes to mind; and don’t criticize what you’re writing (just allow your mind to wander).

Title it – The Me I Want To Be

Be Specific: Don’t make general statements like I want to be popular. Write something like “I want to make three new friends who are interested in (fill in your interests) by…give a logical date –  not by Friday.  You’re amazing, but you can’t perform miracles, and true friendships take time.

After you’ve listed everything you can think of as your ideal person to be, go to the left side; and title it – The Real Me  – flip the page so you can’t see the right side.

Describe yourself today, again without criticizing. How old are you? Where do you live? What do you look like? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What interests you? What are your best talents? What do you do during the day?

When you’re finished, open the paper so you can see both sides. Now it’s time to compare. Take your highlighter or different colored pen and draw lines connecting similar items to each other.

Take a look at how far apart they are. Some may be drastically different, while others will be closer. Choose three comparisons and call them your self-development priorities – write them down on this list or start another list.

I always over write so I run out of room and have to start a new page.

Put the list away and think about your priorities and how you’ll go about achieving them. Go back to your list in a few hours or days – don’t leave it too long, or forget about it though.

When you go back to your list rename it self development goals. Write out three goals and a plan of action to achieve them.

Work on one at a time. After completing one transformation go the second self development goal. Maybe you’ll learn a new talent or skill in a couple of weeks and use it to fix your situation; or one aspect of what’s causing you grief.

Something like losing weight or adding muscle will take longer. But that’s okay because it’s not a race.

What’s important about this self discovery exercise is when you set goals and reach them you’re transforming yourself into your ideal person. This gives you strength and builds your character so you can see your amazing potential.

You’ll have more confidence to deal with your problems. Additionally, this self discovery exercise will switch your focus to finding solutions rather than internalizing your stress.

You already are amazing, but the better you know yourself the stronger you’ll be.

There’s more self discovery strategies to come. This is part 1 of 4. In the next article we look at the present and the future as a time line. I will put links here as I publish them – click here for the first article in the series.

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