Life Sucks But it Comes With Two Gifts:Use Them Wisely

Gifts of life

Life sucks, but thankfully it comes with two gifts. In this life our bodies are subject to pain, difficulties, and death. Emotionally we go through multiple stresses and continual adversity. It often feels like some force is working against us (usually God is to blame). But, what if it’s not, and we’re just reading the situation wrong?

For whatever reason we believe that life is supposed to be rosy, and wonderful. Everything is supposed to work out, and we shouldn’t have to make much effort, and every good thing should just fall into place.  Hard work should be rewarded accordingly; good deeds should lead to others paying it forward, every job we want we should get, etc.

Another myth is that everyone around us should do what we think they should. After all, if everyone acted like we do, the world would easier to live in, right? NOT.  If this were true we’d all be clones. I’m not sure about you, but I love being a unique individual.

Who Taught us This Myth?

I’m not sure how we came to think this is what life is supposed to be like…Who put this ridiculous notion in our minds? Opposition grows our character; pain helps us appreciate well-being;and difficulties develop courage. I’m not sure about you, but I love having the opportunity to be my best self, and I can’t see that happening if I lived in a complacent bubble with a bunch of clones.

We’re Tough Albertans

Adversity is what made us tough Albertans to begin with. Not only do we have to live with others, we have environmental challenges, such as harsh winters to deal with. If we didn’t experience opposition we would be spineless wimps with weak characters…and the world would be bleak.

Perhaps the powers that be want us to experience everything we can while we live on this earth. And to do this we have to live through the good and the bad. We all need to be reassured  that life is worth living; and although it’s  a hard road sometimes we should be  thankful that life came with two gifts.

2 Gifts We’re Born With – Time and Freedom of Choice.

Let’s Play a Game: No, not that game. With this game, no one dies a terrifying death; but you may be shocked in a psychologically thrilling sort of way. We have these two gifts, and they’re both within our control. I’ve found that the trick to overcoming adversity and being happy is the result of using these two gifts wisely.

How we use them decides our role in the game of life. And rest assured we play a role in our life.

The Gift of Time

We have the freedom to buy with our time what we will. We choose what we exchange our allotment of time for. We can use it to pay for thrills, or base desires; we can be high rollers and invest all our time in greed. With our time we can buy vanity. We can exchange our time for fault finding, or creating a wonderful life on social media hoping others will admire us (hoping this will make us happy); or we can spend our time accumulating material things…

But the above choices aren’t a deal, because  we don’t find lasting satisfaction in them – I’m sure you  will agree.

The Gift of the Freedom to Choose

We have the freedom to choose. Whether life is good or we’re neck deep in adversity we still have the freedom to choose what we do, and think – this never changes. If you had to account for every minute, every hour and every day of your mortal years. How have you used your gifts of time and freedom to choose? And how’s that working for you?

It’s unrealistic to think we’re here on earth accidentally, or by chance. It’s obvious there are things we must accomplish – or what would be the point? You’ve already done many things, but there’s more for you to do. Perhaps you already know what your next step is, and you just need a little help figuring it out so you can put it into action.

I’ve learned that a good indicator of whether I’m working toward something, being complacent, or hosting a pity party is how I use my gifts of time and freedom of choice.

The powers that be (the universe, or God)doesn’t decide this – it’s up to me. It’s my choice and I’ve learned that I must accept the consequences of how I use my gifts.

A mediocre life is there for the taking, but if we want more than that I  believe we must earn it. We can use our gifts to make a difference in the lives of others, learn something new, put a vision into action, accept adversity and figure out how to overcome it and learn from it so we’re prepared when we face it again. Or how about just using our gifts immersing ourselves in things we love, not the things we hate?

Being Miserable is Easy

Use adversity to build your character and increase your intelligence. There’s absolutely no reason why you should sit and blame your troubles on some imaginary vision of a life that doesn’t exist, making it impossible to achieve.

Life isn’t supposed to be wonderful all the time, so sitting around staring at your phone complaining about everything that’s wrong with the world is a complete waste of your gifts. Hold fast to all that is good, search for truth, don’t sit back and accept what your life is today.

Visions of the future is subjective because it can always be changed. Seek the things that will bring long lasting happiness; figure out how what they are and how to get them. If you’re using your gifts by exchanging your time with short lived endeavors you’ll miss out on limitless opportunities.

It’s taken me a while, but I’m starting to realize this more and more, every day. I know where you are and I know where you could be. This article is about things I’ve learned in the last few years as I’ve studied people. I know that when I use my gift of time and waste it doing stuff like binge watching Netflix, or playing Candy Crush I don’t feel good – I feel like crap and much more susceptible to negativity (which is everywhere!).

When I use my gifts reading to learn, writing to share what I’ve learned with you (in case it helps) ,seeking ways to make my life  better by working on my flaws, I stand a little taller; and all the negativity either goes over my head, or in one ear and out the other.I don’t allow others the chance to decide how I’m going to feel today. Mind you this takes work. It didn’t just happen and I continually have to find my happy place if you will so I don’t get sucked into the misery of others.

My question to you is – how do you use your life’s gifts of time and freedom to choose? And do you notice a difference in your mood and mental well-being? What if Albertans united with a commitment to use our gifts wisely to show the world how amazing Albertans are?

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