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Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully – A Work in Progress

Simplify yourself thoughtfully is a compilation of lessons and strategies I’ve learned (and used) along my journey to come back to life after suffering for years from unresolved grief.

This book is my life’s work since 2013 and it’s very important to me! I know there are millions of people grieving  this second; and for many it’s stopped their lives. They can’t get past the anger, sadness, guilt…Many don’t even realize that it’s guilt holding them back and stop them from feeling .

Simplifying myself emotionally and living a minimalist lifestyle has created a better and stronger me.  I want to show my readers how they can get this freedom from unresolved grief.

For more information about unresolved grief you can click here.

Clarity and Freedom

Grief has a nasty way of paralyzing us. If you think back to losing a loved one you can remember a second of clarity that gave you hope. Of what you might not have been sure of at the time.

It was mixed with a number of other emotions, but for one second at least, you knew the meaning of your life. Perhaps it was a memory, a smell, something mentioned at the funeral. You were sad, but for just a moment, you felt you had a purpose larger than yourself. But, it was fleeting and you forgot about it.

Guilt weighed you down and so did life. You didn’t have a chance to explore it more.

Simplifying yourself thoughtfully is getting that clarity back. Removing the junk in your head and stuff around you that you don’t need.

Seek Humility

I also know the less we have the more humbler we are. When we’re humble it’s easier to see the good in the simplest of things. When we’re humble we’re more open to life,  where grief closes us off.

Humility is the best emotion – we’re at our best when we’re humble. Simplifying yourself with purpose sheds layers of emotional issues. Angry, self-destructive behavior is part of grieving. We grieve when we don’t even realize it. Grief goes beyond the loss of loved ones. We experience grief when we lose  anything – a job, go through a divorce, f live through a fire, etc.

Purposely simplifying yourself is a personal journal to clarifying what’s important to you and discovering what will make your life beautiful again or beautiful for the first time. Sign up to the blog for a chapter list.

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