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  • Why I Want Sponsors
  • Why you Should Sponsor my Book
  • Marketing
  • Advertising Placements Available for Sponsorship
  • How to Sponsor

What you’re sponsoring is my book tentatively titled Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully – the theme of my book is simplifying oneself thoughtfully (with purpose) to overcome unresolved  or complicated grief.

I’ve been working on the book since  early 2013. Thus, this book is the last four year’s of my life and it’s very important to me.

Unresolved or Complicated Grief

Thousands of people are grieving and their lives are on hold. Unresolved grief interferes with their ability to feel, or trust their feelings. They can’t move on. They spend their time immersed in work or a hobby to avoid dealing with grief, avoid other people, engage in destructive behaviors such as alcohol, drugs, medication and smoking.

Other symptoms are becoming progressively depressed or isolated.

Unresolved grief is another term for complicated grief. It’s known medically as persistent complex bereavement disorder. Which can occur in roughly 7% of bereaved people. Some risk factors are: Violent death, suicide, no social support for the bereaved, childhood trauma, or the death is sudden. My grief history involves all the above, so it’s no wonder I had life long issues with grief.

For more about my story you can click here.

My book will help readers find ways to feel again and live the life they were meant to have; and not wait for it to find them. The death of a loved one shouldn’t end the life of the living! You can read more information about the book by clicking here.

Why I Want Sponsors

I’m seeking sponsors to help me get this book into the hands of as many people as possible who are suffering because they haven’t healed properly because of unresolved grief. Sponsoring also benefits the sponsors because it draws positive attention to their brand and business.

To explain why I want sponsors to write my book, I’ll tell you about myself and explain why I’m qualified to write this book. As I mentioned I’ve been working on Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully for a few years. Since my grandson passed away at the end of 2012, I set out on a heart-felt journey.

Since I was 9 until I was 45, I struggled with unresolved grief. It caused many problems in my life, and held me back. It led to anger issues, self-medicating, hiding from life, paper hoarding, and building walls.

After Chase passed away, I gave up control of my life and became a drifter living with different people. I’ve simplified every aspect of my life (mentally and physically) and I’m an expert at deciphering needs and wants.

I want to share what I’ve learned because I know what I have to say will help thousands (or millions) of people.
The book is in chapters and handwritten in scribblers, and word documents that need organization. But there’s something I must do before I can write the ending.

Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully

What Simplifying Myself Thoughtfully Has Taught Me

  • The most significant things I’ve learned are – humility brings peace and minimalism freedom. I’m a humble minimalist, with few material belongings.
  • I need to experience lifestyles before I can write about them. The poorer we are, the more humble we are. Where can you find the most humble people on the planet? Quick answer: In a third world country!
  • I want to experience living within a culture of beautiful, amazing people. Who aren’t minimalists by choice. but because they have to be due to their birthplace.
  • I know they will edify me and my readers with what I learn from them.
  • I’ll leave my comfort zone in Canada and get acquainted with my new country. Before setting off on my quest to volunteer in remote areas. I need to live their culture and learn their language (the basics anyways).
  • While I’m there, I’ll observe them. Specifically their level of happiness and humility so I can learn how to be humbler; and share it with my readers.
  • The only way I can is with sponsors. By getting sponsors I can offer something in return – advertising. So it’s a win-win for everyone.
  • As well, having sponsors allows me to share personal videos and pictures. So I can bring you guys with me on my journey. I didn’t visually document much of the book up to now.
  • The cost of living is much lower where I’m going so I can focus on writing and volunteering. It will cost me 1/3 of what it will to live in Canada.
  • Another important reason I want sponsors is for my safety. I could go on my own (and will if I have to), with little funding and therefore take bigger risks. But, I don’t want to get hurt, or killed.
  • I also want like-minded people emotionally with me on my journey. People who love the cause(s) as much as I do.

Why You Should Sponsor My Book?

By sponsoring the book you show your customers, clients,  community, friends, and family you care. This also helps with your employees. Employees want more than a pay cheque. They want their bosses and companies they work for to care about them as people.

Supporting a book on bereavement shows a caring and compassionate side to you and your business.  As well, my book is an educational tool to help others recognize what signs to look for with unresolved grief.

There’s no time limit on grief. But some bereaved never heal. When one struggles with death and it remains unresolved they may never heal without help. Everyone grieves and it unresolved or complicated grief affects at least 7% of the grieving.

According to statistics there are 665 Deaths per day in Canada  If 5 people grieved their death, that’s 3325 people grieving daily in Canada. When you multiply this by 365 days that’s 1,213,625 people who grieve yearly. That’s 84,954 people who are possibly walking around with unresolved or complicated grief.

They could be your neighbor, a member of your family, one of your employees, clients or customers. If only 10% of those afflicted bought the book that would be 8,459 books sold; and this is only for Canada – I will sell the book globally.

There’s a huge opportunity for your sponsorship advertisement to be seen by millions!

Marketing Plan

I have a marketing plan. It will change and grow as I get sponsorship. Below is a list of how I will market the book.

  • I will get a website created with the book’s title, to promote the book, and sell sponsorship advertisements
  •  I will blog, create and share videos while I volunteer  and finish my book to  draw attention to my book, and cause.
  • I’ve started a Twitter account and Facebook page as a platform to network and pre-sell books. I will get Facebook ads targeted to socially conscious millennials in the beginning.
  • I will use all the internet marketing skills I’ve learned. I have cost-effective writers and a SMO expert to help with social media optimization.
  • I have a friend who is excellent at offline marketing, I will hire her to pre-sell books in Canada and the U.S.
  • Before placing my self-published book on Amazon, I will do thorough research for the best placement option.
  • The advertisements, book cover, and website will be designed professionally. You can probably tell that my design skills are lacking.
  • I will donate a percentage of books sales to a charity. I haven’t decided which one.
  • Bereavement Groups, A.A./N.A., funeral homes, lawyers, hospitals, bereavement groups, schools: . I will network with them to sell books.
  • I will network with suicide prevention groups and promote the book to help prevent suicide. This is another passion I have.
  • Media: They love personal interest stories! Radio, TV, Book signings, Newspapers, Magazines…I will write articles and tagline my book, and I will do interviews. All with the same results…books will sell. I believe there is a huge demand and market for more information on mental health and healthy living. Unresolved grief is obscure.
  • The wonderful thing about sponsorship is that I can print this book repeatedly. The book potential to be a number one top seller is very achievable!

Advertising Placements Available for Sponsorship

These placements are reserved and not available until after Saturday March 25, 2017. I have offered these placements  to former employers. I’m personally  handling all the sponsorships. I’m not automating the process at this time. I don’t have the technical capabilities. I’m giving it my personal touch, and you can’t beat that nowadays 🙂

Update: The Following are now Available.

Sponsorship Placements – No GST

In the Book

  • Full-page Ad 1st page: $10,000
  • Full-page Ad 100th page: $5,000
  • Full-page Ad 150th page: $3,000

Front/Back Cover of the Book

  • Back Cover (logo and message): $10,000
  • Front Cover (logo, left corner): $15,000

Inside Flaps

  • Front Cover inside flap (logo and message): $5,000
  • Back Cover inside flap (logo and message): $5,000

 Advertising Placements on Every Page

On pages 2 – 203 (except for pages 100 and 150) I’m offering advertisements at the bottom of every page. With your business name and your personal message up to 140 characters.

Spots Available for First Ten Pages

Page 2 = $600
Page 3 = $597
Page 4 = $594
Page 5 =$591
Page 6 = $487
Page 7 = $484
Page 8 =$481
Page 9 = $478
Page 10 = $475

I Will Wear Your T-Shirt

I will wear your t-shirt in my videos. I have 26 spots open in May 2017 – Monday to Saturday – $250/day 

Coming Soon: I’m offering advertisement placements on the Simplify Yourself Thoughtfully website 

How to Sponsor

I’m personally handling  the sponsorships. I’m not automating the process at this time because I don’t have the technical capabilities. I’m giving it my personal touch, and you can’t beat that nowadays 🙂

Please contact me. Let me know which sponsorship you want. 

How you can pay for your sponsorship: By cheque in the mail,,courier, or hand delivered.. Paypal (you can pay with your credit card safely and securely even if you don’t have a Paypal Account).

Thank you so much and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

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