Strength Through Adversity – Gratitude In Bad Situations

strength through adversity

Adversity will never go away. Once you get through one bad situation or event another one will follow. The best way to get through adversity is by accepting this fact; and then gaining strength through adversity with gratitude.

Please note that I said once you get through a bad situation. This is important because you need to remember you’ve done it before, and you will do it again.

Life is dynamic and constantly changes. This is not the end of your life although it may feel like it.

Gratitude in Bad Situations

Being grateful for bad things happening is not saying that what happened should have happened. It’s not about lying down waiting for life to throw more crap at you.

When you’re in the midst of emotional chaos or despair, taking a moment to cultivate gratitude will create a sense of calm and encouragement when you need it most. Thus, you’ll gain the strength through adversity that you need.

Confusion vs Calm

While experiencing difficulties it’s natural to complain and wonder why bad things are happening – contemplating the why is what will get you the most, causing anguish.

This leads to confusion and despair. But, if you try to feel gratitude about other aspects of your life you’ll calm down.

Being peaceful gives you emotional strength through adversity; but you’re emotionally weaker when you’re in a state of turmoil.

I know changing your mindset isn’t easy but it’s for your well-being. Whatever you’re going through won’t go away instantly, and it’s not healthy for you to be so upset either.

Frustration and anger could make your life worse too. Feeling grateful can be a coping mechanism. It turns your focus from negative to positive.

Feeling Grateful vs Being Grateful

I want to clarify the difference between the two in how I’m using them. I’m not asking you to be grateful for your adversity. In this post I’m talking about feeling grateful for the good stuff in the midst of the crappy events.

Your life isn’t 100% horrible. Good things are happening at the same time, but you don’t notice them.

What can you be Thankful for?

Are you going through difficulties at school or work? Can you be thankful for your home life? Or visa versa? If work and home are full of adversity for you do you have a favorite place you like to go that you can be thankful for?

If you had a bad fight with a friend, can you remember the best time you had together? Can you be grateful for that experience? If you just lost your job, can you be thankful that you’re healthy?

If you’re having trouble coming up with reasons to feel grateful, you can check out his article on Life Hack.

When you focus on gratitude, you’ll feel happy and you might even cheer someone else up. To gain strength from adversity so you can get through it you need to feel gratitude.

Please share a time you gained strength through adversity using gratitude.


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