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Kill Stress With This Self Discovery Exercise Series

A Self Discovery exercise to help you gain confidence and build on your self image so you can see you’re amazing and can get through anything. This is part one of four. Somewhere on the journey through your life you realized things aren’t going like you thought they would. You might suffer from money problems, Read More


Addicted to the Desire to be Accepted by Others? Stop it!

If you’re addicted to the desire to be accepted by others it’s as unhealthy as a drug addiction. Thankfully detoxing isn’t as hard, but you need to stop now. It’s not doing you any good; you feel bad and your focus isn’t on learning and accepting your value to the world. Obsessing about being accepted Read More


Building Self Confidence Using a Self Discovery Exercise

Building self confidence begins with getting to know yourself better. You can do this through self discovery techniques to find out how amazing you are. Building Self Confidence No one else can build your self confidence – you are the only one with the power. You were born with confidence but you can’t feel it Read More